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June 2014 | Mystery/Fiction | 978-1-937226-30-5 | 228 pp | $14.95 

by Scott Graham

SCOTT GRAHAM is the author of seven books, including Yellow Stone Standoff and Mountain Rampage, books two and three in the National Park Mystery Series from Torrey House Press, and Extreme Kids, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award. Like most visitors to America’s first national park, Graham was awestruck by Yellowstone as a child. His fascination with the park has continued in the years since, with numerous visits to Yellowstone’s geyser- and wildlife-filled front country and its incomparable wilderness. Graham is an avid outdoorsman and amateur archaeologist who enjoys mountaineering, skiing, hunting, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting with his wife, who is an emergency physician, and their two sons. He lives in Durango, Colorado.


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Also by the Author


In Tony Hillerman fashion, this page-turner brings the rugged western landscape, the mysterious past of the Ancestral Puebloan people, and the Southwest’s ongoing cultural fissures vividly to life. A deadly struggle against murderous kidnappers in Grand Canyon National Park forces archaeologist Chuck Bender to face up to his past as he realizes every parents’ worst nightmare: a missing child. This is the first book of Scott Graham's National Park Mystery Series.


Canyon Sacrifice is a terrific debut novel by National Outdoor Book Award winner Scott Graham. Along with archaeologist Chuck Bender, we experience the evocative wonder and amoral beauty of the Grand Canyon while at the same time learning the inside—and often frustrating—workings of a contemporary national park."
—C.J. BOX,
New York Times bestselling author of Stone Cold

“Graham has created a beautifully balanced book, incorporating intense action scenes, depth of characterization, realistic landscapes, and historical perspective.”


“This riveting series debut showcases Graham’s love of nature and archeology, simultaneously interjecting some serious excitement. Graham is to be commended for weaving together several cultures into one story. Recommend to readers who enjoy Tony Hillerman, Nevada Barr, and C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett series.”

“Graham has created a story [of] richness and depth. . . . Graham’s comfort and familiarity with his subject make the story an enjoyable read."

"A gripping tale of kidnapping and a style similar to mysteries by Tony Hillerman."


"A riveting mystery...Graham takes readers intimately into the setting, his knowledge of the places he writes about apparent at every turn."

"A glorious portrait of one of the most compelling landscapes on earth, a place that can kill just as easily as it thrills. This is a topnotch read."
WILLIAM KENT KRUEGERNew York Times bestselling author of Tamarack County

"Canyon Sacrifice delivers it all and then some."
MARGARET COEL, New York Times bestselling author of Killing Custer

"Bring an extra–large bowl of popcorn while you read Sacrifice in one sitting."
C.M. WENDELBOE, author of Death on the Greasy Grass


"A thrilling, compulsively readable story."
FRANK HUYLER, author of The Blood of Strangers

"As unpredictable and twisty as a switchback trail plummeting into its depths, Graham's thriller sucks you into the mysteries of the canyon and the story of an unsuspecting family whose lives will never be the same."
TED BOTHA, author of The Girl With the Crooked Nose

"Graham deftly weaves a first–rate mystery through the caves and canyons and winding roads of the Grand Canyon. If you've been, you'll immediately be drawn into the story. If you've never been, this may be your motivation to buy the ticket! I can't wait to read which national park he tackles next!"
TRICIA FIELDS, Hillerman Prize–winning author of Scratchgravel Road



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