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Are you passionate about books, the environment, and exploring a career path in publishing? Apply for a semester-length internship with Torrey House Press, a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit literary publisher focused on environmental justice and the literary arts.

Each year, Torrey House Press will be taking up to two interns in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Interns will be introduced to all aspects of a small literary publisher—with a focus on publicity, marketing, and proofreading—and will develop skills transferable to careers in publishing and elsewhere. Interns will learn about and assist with the process of book publication by working closely with Gray (Production & Sales Manager) and Scout (Marketing & Publicity Lead). Tasks may include pitching books to media for review, social media and readership development, galley/ARC proofreading, copyright registration, contributing to marketing copy and design, assisting with grant writing and event planning, order fulfillment, inventory management, book reading group guide creation, assisting with event planning and promotion, email list management, and acquisitions screening. Duties can be flexible regarding the intern’s specific skill set and interests.



Spring and Fall semester interns will complete 10 hours of work per week over the course of the semester—160 hours in total over 16 weeks. Spring and Fall semester interns will receive a $750 stipend upon internship completion (payment schedule can be adjusted based on need).

Summer semester interns will complete 240 hours of work over at least 8 (not necessarily consecutive) weeks between May and August (e.g. over an 8-week internship period working about 30 hours per week, or over a 15-week internship period working about 16 hours per week). Summer interns will receive a $1000 stipend upon internship completion (payment schedule can be adjusted based on need).

Although we find our interns learn more about the industry when in the office with other staff members, remote internships are available for those not based in Salt Lake City. We understand interns may have classes, jobs, or other obligations and are flexible with scheduling around them. For those in Salt Lake, we recommend Spring and Fall interns join us in the office for at least two days per week, and Summer interns join us for at least three days per week.

How to apply:

To apply for an internship, please compile and send the following items to by the deadlines listed below.

  1. A resume

  2. A cover letter describing why you feel you are fit for the position and what you would hope to learn

  3. At least one writing sample of your choice that you feel best demonstrates your skills or interests. (Note: there is no preference for creative writing vs academic, poetry vs prose, etc., nor is there a word limit or requirment. We look forward to seeing what each applicant choses to present!)

Questions regarding the internship can also be directed to the email above. Prior publishing experience is welcome but not required. Send application by December 1st for the Spring internship, by April 1st for Summer, and by August 1st for Fall.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the production schedule and process for a book at a small publisher, from a beginning manuscript to a book in hand.

    • Possible tasks include: assembling manuscripts for blurbs, proofreading a galley, and registering books for copyright.

  • ​Learn the uses of social media and community-building for a nonprofit publisher.

    • Possible tasks include: contributing content for everyday social media (literary and conservationist), fundraising campaigns, and promoting events.

  • ​Get a taste for marketing and publicity campaigns for new books.

    • Possible tasks include: updating the THP catalog with InDesign, contributing design and copy for “book birthday” social media and emails, and becoming familiar with the publicist’s “Galley/Media Contacts” list.

  • ​Learn the acquisitions process at a small literary publisher.

    • ​Possible tasks include: reading partial manuscripts, attending monthly acquisitions meetings, and becoming familiar with the seasonal publishing schedule.


  • Intern will be willing to ask questions.

  • Intern will be on time to staff meetings and will let us know if there’s a delay or conflict at any point.

  • Intern will complete projects in an efficient manner.

  • Intern will pay attention to detail and complete work with minimal errors.

  • Torrey House Press will provide opportunities for feedback on the internship—what is working, and what isn’t?

  • Torrey House Press will provide flexibility in working schedule.

Typical Tasks for Fall and Spring internships:

  • Fulfill store orders and membership mailings.

  • Expand email mailing list.

  • Proofread book interiors and covers before publication.

  • Submit copyright applications for published titles.

  • Assist with inventory management.

  • Assist with social media posts.

  • Research local publicity opportunities.

  • Add to community event calendars.


Additional tasks for Summer internships:

  • Assist with updating the THP Galley Media “Essentials” list on Google Drive. Make sure all these people (on this list specifically) still exist, and check with the trades about their policies for what to do once a book has been reviewed.

  • Assist with thank you notes to donors.

  • Assist with uploading book covers and blurbs to CoreSource (and website).

  • Read and assess unsolicited manuscripts.

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