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Torrey House Press publishes 8-10 books per year including literary fiction, full-length short story collections, essay collections, creative nonfiction including literary journalism, and the occasional anthology and memoir. We are interested in well-crafted work with environmental justice, natural history, or land stewardship themes, and writing that engages deeply with place. THP does not currently accept submissions for poetry or books for children.

Please familiarize yourself with our mission and values before deciding whether to submit your work to Torrey House Press.



Please note that we only accept submissions through our online submissions manager. For fiction, short story collections, and essay collections, please submit full manuscripts. For nonfiction, please submit a query first and a full proposal upon request.

The review process for submissions can take 4-6 months, or longer in some instances. We understand what it’s like to await a response, and we appreciate your patience. Phone calls, emails, or letters of inquiry will not hasten the process.

FULL MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES (for fiction, short story collections, essay collections):


Please submit a cover letter along with your manuscript. The cover letter should include:

  • A detailed 100-200 word synopsis of your manuscript

  • How your work fits with the THP mission and values and any exploration of landscapes, issues, people of the American West

  • Some background on yourself

  • Comparable titles

  • Marketing and readership development plans

QUERY GUIDELINES (for nonfiction):


Please submit a one- or two-page overview of your book idea along with information about yourself, why you are qualified to write on the subject, who your audience is, and how you propose to market your work. If we think there is a reasonable chance that we might pursue your book, we will request a full proposal.


FULL PROPOSAL GUIDELINES (for nonfiction, upon request):


Include most or all of the following items in a single Word document:

  • A cover letter

  • A resume

  • A preliminary table of contents

  • A one- or two-paragraph summary of each chapter

  • Marketing research such as:

    • Descriptions of other books on the same or similar topic and an explanation of why your book is different

    • Any special sales potential

    • Events where attendees will be interested in you as a speaker

  • Your target audience (be specific)

  • Biographical material, expanded from that in the query letter

  • Any completed sample chapters


Thank you for your interest in Torrey House Press.



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