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A TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE END OF THE WORLD: Tales of Fire, Wind, and Water
by David Gessner


From wildfires to hurricanes, New York Times bestselling author David Gessner's coast-to-coast guide to navigating climate crisis.


Gessner takes readers on an eye-opening tour of climate hotspots from the Gulf of Mexico to the burning American West to New York City to the fragile Outer Banks, where homes are being swallowed by the seas. He does so with his usual sense of humor, compassion, and a willingness to talk to anyone, providing an informative and sobering yet convivial guide for the age of fire, heat, wind, and water.

June 2023 | Nonfiction |978-1-948814-81-2| 368 pp| $21.95 


David Gessner is perennially provocative, but never more so than in this fine volume, which asks us to actually think about and feel the world we are creating. It is an act of generational love and courage.”BILL MCKIBBEN, founder of the Third Act


"The Clash were called 'the only band that matters.' When it comes to climate, Gessner is the only writer who matters. Others write book reports on global warming, spewing statistics. Gessner immerses himself, gets to know the people most affected while telling their stories, writing from inside the crisis.”—MARK SPITZER, author of Return of the Gar

"Urgent but not panicked, this book is as personal and vulnerable as the world Gessner is describing. There are few better nature writers working these days, and even fewer who can convey both anger and possibility for the future in such a refined way."—BRAD COSTA, Boulder Book Store


“Part poignant memoir, part adventurous travelogue, part accessible environmental science, this profound love letter to an uncertain future will forever change the way you imagine resilience, resistance, and transformation in the face of a rapidly changing planet.”
MICHAEL P. BRANCH, author of On the Trail of the Jackalope

“Visiting old friends and reacquainting himself with old (and very much changed) landmarks we see through his eyes, not just the changes wrought by current climate change but what happened in places like Chaco Canyon, Phoenix, and the Outer Banks hundreds of years ago. Yes, we've surely made a mess of things and yet, Gessner shows some possible ways forward and introduces us to people who are doing remarkable work. With his signature humor, Gessner manages to show us the worst while helping us hope for the best. Share this with your climate denial friends!”—ANNE HOLMAN, The King's English Bookshop


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DAVID GESSNER is the author of Leave It As It Is: A Journey Through Theodore Roosevelt’s American Wilderness and the New York Times–bestselling All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and the American West. Chair of the Creative Writing Department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and founder and editor-in-chief of Ecotone, Gessner lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, with his wife, the novelist Nina de Gramont, and their daughter, Hadley.

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