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Clean Air for Our Children

My son: five months old.

My daughter: three years.

I sleep sitting up on the couch,

holding my son in my arms every night

because that’s the only way

my son (and my family) can get any rest,

just as I did with my daughter for one year.

We scrape each month to

live up to our commitment

to save for their college funds.

We do the best we can to

support the development

of their minds, bodies, and spirits

in every way:

My daughter is not allowed to eat fruit snacks

unless she first makes a bar graph comparing different colors in the package.

But we wonder...

Can we call ourselves good parents if we continue to live in Utah?

When air pollution has been linked to

permanent lung tissue scarring

harmful outcomes for pregnant women and babies

increased rates of cancer

impaired cognitive development.

Clean air for our children:

as important to their well-being

as college funds,

as snuggles and bedtime stories,

as healthy snacks,

as adequate rest.

Utah is a family-oriented state.

The time is now

to ensure clean air for our children.


Amy Wilson-Lopez is a mother of two beautiful, fun, smart, and strong-willed children. She is also an associate professor of education at Utah State University.

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