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by Gerri Brightwell




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GERRI BRIGHTWELL is the author of the novels Dead of Winter, The Dark Lantern, and Cold Country, as well as many short stories. She has master's degrees in creative writing from the University of East Anglia and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and a doctorate in English from the University of Minnesota. Originally from southwest Britain, Brightwell has worked in Greece, Israel, Spain, Thailand, and Canada, and now lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, with her spouse, Ian C. Esslemont, and their three sons.

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In a near-future Alaska in which global warming and immigration policy are wreaking havoc on lives and land, Nash Preston is trying to hold his family together. As the Alaska summer heats up, he ignores his expired visa—and now immigration bounty hunters are after him as he flees for the border with his sons. Their already fraught journey takes an alarming turn when his youngest, Robbie, picks up a mysterious fossil that makes him sick. When his boys are snatched and taken to a sinister detention facility, Nash must find a way to save them.

October 2022 | Fiction | 978-1-948814-65-2| 250 pp | $16.95


“Brightwell’s Turnback Ridge is a triumph; a timely, terrifying thriller that calls to mind the best work of Douglas Preston and Michael Crichton. I raced through this gorgeously written, knuckle-biting, roller-coaster of a thriller at warp speed. Just read it!”
KAREN DIONNEUSA Today bestselling author of the #1 international bestseller The Marsh King's Daughter and The Wicked Sister


“Readers will be drawn deep into this searing tale of a father’s desperate flight through a dystopian Far North filled with menace and contagion. A hard and gleaming gem of a novel.”
SCOTT GRAHAM, National Outdoor Book Award–winning author of Canyonlands Carnage


"An ingenious book with unforgettable characters and important things to say about the bunkhouse culture of the north. Brightwell has a good eye, a sensitive heart, and a well-honed sense of justice for both human beings and the land."
JOHN STRALEY, author of The Woman Who Married a Bear


“A loving father struggles to save himself and his two sons in this thrilling, gracefully written novel set in a futuristic Alaska warmed by climate change. Turnback Ridge is a double-edged gem—a rugged adventure story and a tantalizing mystery as the novel’s characters do their best not only to survive but to learn the secrets behind a peculiar fossil uncovered by the melting earth.”
TONY ARDIZZONE, author of The Whale Chaser

“Brightwell addresses such timely issues as climate change, healthcare, and immigration without slowing the plot. This heartfelt tale of fatherhood will resonate with many.”


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