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That Thing with Feathers: Hope and Literature in a Time of Upheaval

Amid the tumult of 2020 and life-changing events, Alastair Lee Bitsóí focuses on the feminine in today's That Thing With Feathers: Hope & Literature in a Time of Upheaval.


Yellow Corn, Grandmother Moon, and Queen Bey

by Alastair Lee Bitsóí

Lately, I’ve been issuing prayers to Grandmother Moon, a feminine being, with Yellow Corn.

Usually it is offerings to Grandfather Sun, a male being, with White Corn. That’s if I can fight the lazy out of me to get up so early. I do my best to do so…daily.

“Alastair, get up and pray. Greet the sun. Pray. Run.”

“Alastair, you do not do enough of it. You need to get up. You are not praying enough or getting up early. You’re too lazy.”

“Alastair, if you do not get up, you will get old faster and get wrinkles all over your face. Or, you will get white spots. Wake up. Nidii dah.”