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That Thing with Feathers: Hope and Literature in a Time of Pandemic

Wild Rides and Wildflowers: Philosophy and Botany without Bikes during a Plague

In March of 2014, Torrey House published a collection of essays, correspondence, and unforgettable repartee by Scott Abbott and Sam Rushforth in Wild Rides & Wildflowers: Philosophy and Botany with Bikes, an exploration of their personal, professional, and faith crises and deep connection to each other as carved into the mountain-bike tracks of a beloved Western landscape. Some years on, the two are not riding the trails anymore, and amid pandemic they are even more physically separated as so many are while folks stay home to protect the vulnerable. But their intellectual and emotional bond is as profound as ever. Enjoy this ride from Scott Abbott in today’s That Thing With Feathers.

28 March 2020

Woodland Hills, Utah