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A year with the Great Salt Lake

In uncertainty I had to create.

That's why I first stood on the salted shores of the Great Salt Lake. Its low waters rang, its wind pushed, and the place grabbed me.

It felt as imposing as my future.

I devoted the next year to the Lake, a landscape that Wallace Stegner said "rubs the senses raw." The result: a series of videos—or rather meditations—on the Lake, my personal journey, and a community's apathetic relationship to the saline landscape.

The project, entitled A Day with Salt, is found here. Below are two videos within the series. The first, lacustrine, is a poetic introduction to the Lake's ecosystem. The second, remonstration, deals with the current threat to the Lake--the Bear River Development Project.

lacustrine / of or relating to a lake /

remonstration / a plea /


the ocean

can calm itself

so can you.


are both

salt water




-meditation, Nayyirah Waheed


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