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Galley Love of the Week Giveaway

Be among the first to read Life After Dead Pool, an official Shelf Awareness Galley Love of the Week selection. GLOW selects books that have not yet been discovered by booksellers and librarians, identifying the ones that will be important hand-selling titles in a future season.


LIFE AFTER DEAD POOL: Lake Powell's Last Days and the Rebirth of the Colorado River

Since it began filling in 1963, Lake Powell has been central to water management in the western US. But now, after decades of drought, the Colorado River has been stretched to the breaking point. Due to a changing climate and design flaws in the Glen Canyon Dam, this once-massive reservoir is on the brink of collapse—leaving the millions of people who depend on its waters at risk. Podmore explores the challenges ahead with a focus on the bright side of the water crisis: the surprising ecological rebirth that's already unfolding in Glen Canyon.

Through clear science writing and lyrical prose, Life After Dead Pool debunks the notion that the West's water challenges are unsolvable and invites us to secure a future where Glen Canyon returns in its wild glory and the Colorado River once again runs free.


ZAK PODMORE is an award-winning author and journalist who has spent more than a decade writing about water and conservation issues in the western United States. He is the author of Confluence: Navigating the Personal & Political on Rivers of the New West and his work has appeared in Outside, USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, and elsewhere. He lives in Bluff, Utah.

 “Anyone who cherishes the great wild canyons of the West—Glen Canyon and all the rest—may take solace, and insight, and maybe even hope from this fascinating account of how climate change and drought are forcing a radical reimagining of western water management. The good news, as Zak Podmore reminds us, is that, despite human doltishness, nature abides.”

—DAVID QUAMMEN, New York Times bestselling author of Spillover and
The Heartbeat of the Wild


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