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Fountain Creek

Fountain Creek


Jim O'Donnell | November 2024 | Nonfiction | Trade Paper | 979-8-89092-011-9 | $19.95 


Jim O’Donnell sets off from his childhood home in Pueblo, Colorado exploring the history, ecology, and commodification of Fountain Creek—challenging us to reexamine how we relate to the world around us and how we might break free to a brighter future. 


What is a river? Who owns history? Who decides the future? Over the past two hundred years, society has taken what was once a near-holy relationship with water and morphed rivers into trashed, overused commodities. Now, the rivers humans depend may no longer be up to the task. So, now what? Fountain Creek is a waterway that lived through the worst of human interaction. It has been dammed, diverted, poisoned, reduced, and much more and yet, it endured. The Fountain looks both to the past and the future for guidance asks humans to rethink the relationship with the brooks, streams, creeks, and rivers that give us life.

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