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Church of the Graveyard Saints

Church of the Graveyard Saints


September 2019 | Fiction | 978-1-948814-12-6 | 200 pp

  • Description

    You can never go home again. Whether as caution or lament, the adage meant nothing to Addie Decker because when she left the rural Southwest for college in Los Angeles, she vowed never to return. But when her grandmother’s death calls Addie back, she confronts a landscape both familiar and foreign as a sudden boom in gas development threatens her family’s ranching heritage even as it promises vital prosperity to her old hometown. With her lover in tow, her high school sweetheart in waiting, and a sagebrush militia lurking in the wings, Addie must learn difficult lessons about loyalty and family while navigating a minefield of greed and obstinacy, love and violence.

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