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Arches Enemy

Arches Enemy


A famed sandstone arch in Utah’s Arches National Park collapses and takes a woman atop it to her death, ensnaring archaeologist Chuck Bender and his family in lethal questions of environmental monkeywrenching and political intrigue. As more deaths follow, Chuck and his spouse Janelle Ortega race to uncover the killer even as they become murder targets themselves. As if that weren’t enough, Chuck’s long-estranged mother, Sheila, has moved to Moab, gateway town to the national park, and wants to get to know Chuck’s stepdaughters—but Chuck and Janelle aren’t so sure that’s a good idea. Fifth in Scott Graham’s acclaimed National Park Mystery Series, Arches Enemy provides insight into complex cultural and environmental concerns of the American West, an inside look at the inner workings of a wildly popular national park, and a page-turner of a tale set in the uniquely breathtaking red rock landscape of southern Utah.

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