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A Traveler's Guide to the End of the World

A Traveler's Guide to the End of the World


David Gessner | June 2023 | Nonfiction | 978-1-948814-81-2 | $21.95


With sharp intimacy and visionary scope, David Gessner asks what the world will be like in 2063, when his daughter, Hadley, is the same age he is now. What is the future of weather? Of heat, storms, and fire? In this eye-opening tour of climate hotspots, Gessner takes readers from the Gulf of Mexico and the burning American West to New York City and the fragile Outer Banks, where homes are being swallowed by the seas. With his usual sense of humor and a willingness to talk to anyone, Gessner considers earth's extremes in a story of climate crisis that will both entertain and shake people awake to the necessity of navigating this new age together.

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