Exploring the Cultural and Natural Histories of a Sacred Landscape
by R. E. Burrillo




For more than 12,000 years, the wondrous landscape of southeastern Utah has defined the histories, cultures, and lives of everyone who calls it home. Archaeologist and conservationist

R. E. Burrillo takes readers on a journey of discovery through the stories and controversies that make this place so unique, from traces of its earliest inhabitants through its role in shaping the study of Southwest archaeology itself—and into the modern battle over its protection.   

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October 2020 | Nonfiction | 978-1-948814-30-0 | 19.95 

R. E. BURRILLO is an archaeologist and conservation advocate. A regular contributor to Archaeology Southwest Magazine, he was the lead editor (with Ben Bellorado) of the 2018 triple issue, Sacred and Threatened: The Cultural Landscapes of Greater Bears Ears. Burrillo holds an MS in archaeology from the University of Utah. He lives in Salt Lake City.


“R. E. Burrillo is an archaeologist who writes nothing like an archaeologist—not stuffy and technical but conversational and enquiring. Drawing from his explorations and fieldwork of the region’s plateaus and canyons, his love and hope for Bears Ears binds these pages with honest glue.”
 —GREG CHILD, author of Over the Edge


“An engagingly personal, well-informed, wide-ranging account of Bears Ears and its archaeology, its ongoing importance to Native peoples, and its future.”
—STEPHEN H. LEKSON, author of A Study of Southwestern Archaeology    


Behind the Bears Ears conveys a deep respect for the place and the people who have lived closest to it. A fine primer for newcomers to the region and an entertaining refresher course for those already embedded in the landscape.”
 —SCOTT THYBONY, author of The Disappearances 

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