KIRSTEN JOHANNA ALLEN | Publisher, Editorial Director


Kirsten manages editing, production, marketing, and fundraising for Torrey House Press. She also oversees acquisitions along with editor Anne Terashima and creative director Kathleen Metcalf. Though Kirsten is a native New Yorker, she's also a sixth-generation Utahn and feels most at home hiking in Utah’s red rock country. She has two grown children and lives with a pair of cats and her spouse, Mark Bailey, in Salt Lake City and Torrey, Utah.

Director of Marketing & Publicity


Anne is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Westminster College and an MA in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University. Anne loves to hike, bike, and run in Utah’s mountains and red rock country.


KATHLEEN METCALF | Creative Director


Kathleen oversees design and manages acquisitions along with publisher Kirsten Allen. She holds a BFA in Design from California College of the Arts, and an MS in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah. Former designer/owner of Wingspan Design and art director for Patagonia, Kathleen serves on the boards of Summit Land Conservancy and Wild Utah Project. She is an artist, writer, and an avid traveler with a love for exploring deserts and rivers. 

MICHELLE WENTLING | Development & Community Engagement Director


Michelle grew up in rural Ohio. She holds a BA in English from the Ohio State University and an MA in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah. Outside of Torrey House Press, Michelle spends her time wandering on foot and sharing meals with friends. 

RACHEL LEIGH BUCK-COCKAYNE | Production & Community Relations Manager, Bookkeeper


Rachel was born in Salt Lake City and graduated with a Bachelor of English from the University of Utah. They attended the Denver Publishing Institute and interned with the Western Humanities Review before joining Torrey House Press. Their hobbies include buying increasingly large pots for their succulents, collecting mostly useless knowledge about the world, and exploring the backroads of Utah with their father.

MAYA KOBE-RUNDIO | Digital Communications Manager, Environmental Humanities Graduate Fellow


Maya Kobe-Rundio grew up along the central coast of California but was slowly drawn to Utah since childhood river trips and slickrock scrambles first introduced her to the desert landscape. She is a student in the Environmental Humanities masters program at the University of Utah, where she also completed her BA in Communication. Maya's masters thesis work is a creative nonfiction project that blends personal and ecological grief in an exploration of multispecies entanglements. 


MARK BAILEY  | Founder


Mark is a retired partner from Wasatch Advisors, Inc., an investment management firm headquartered in Salt Lake City. He raised a daughter and son on the ski slopes of the Wasatch Mountains and in the red rocks of southern Utah and lives in Salt Lake City and in Torrey, Utah.